Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes MM Consulting Solutions the best choice for our company?

We are committed to saving you time and money by enabling effective and efficient operations. We will provide personal attention by working as a part of your team to achieve your goals. The personal attention is especially important when implementing new software products. It is important to have someone with intimate knowledge of the software and the industry to work with someone in your organization to select the best settings and design the best menus and permissions for your company. This personal attention on the front end will save a lot of frustration on the back end!

2. How do you save your clients time and money?

We save clients time and money by making their processes more efficient and accurate. For example, the implementation of Advanced Budget and Forecasting for a client decreased their budget preparation time by 50% while increasing the accuracy of the budgets and thereby accountability.

3. Why should we develop custom training manuals?

Not every company processes items the same! Custom training manuals provide you with the opportunity to document your specific processes. This helps you to train (and retrain) your employees to process transactions consistently the way you have designed them.

4. What is a Consulting Controller/CFO?

With our decades of experience in the areas of accounting and finance, we can help your team when they are short-handed or require a different level of expertise. We can help them on-board new acquisitions, develop and monitor internal audits, prepare for external audits, coordinate lender financing, or work with executive teams to develop meaningful custom reports. We can assess your current procedures, make recommendations for improved efficiency and security, then document and train your newly revised procedures. We can also be available for periodic reconciliations of your bank accounts, subsidiary ledgers, and balance sheet accounts. If you need help in accounting and finance, we are available to join your team on a consulting basis.

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